Sew Just More 

We are not a physical store at the moment. We only make on order and the address is our production address. We have verified payment methods with Payflex and other multiple online service providers, which we had to go through an intensive verification process as a business. If you have any concerns we are more than willing to do a video call to show we are real people and what we do as a business.

A Baby Boutique Store at affordable prices and featuring unique designs. Celebrate babies with something that is just as unique as they are and just as forever. A custom bed set that is super soft, comfy and luxurious to ensure a good night's rest

We are a small business owned by me and my husband 


From baby Linen to baby nest and so must more.

Don't see a design you have in mind on our website contact  us on 068 193 7730 to get your dream room.