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Glitter elephant

Glitter elephant

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Our materials used are of superior quality and used in the hotel and hospitality industry as well. Smooth and suede like textured and lightweight with the ability to capture color like no other material that can be printed on. Very durable with ability to be used for years. The material is also hygienic and breathable and does not cause overheating or night sweats. Also, waterproof meaning that should you spill on it, does not stain easily and clean-up is a breeze. Perfect for overtired parents and all babies and kids! Make something special and unique and stand out from the crowd.

What is in the box Duvet cover Standard Pillowcase Lead time 6 weeks Custom printing can take time. We will Tray to get it done before time. If you want a name on or need it before 6 weeks please let us know that we can make a plan.

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